Directory of Marketplace Suppliers

Like all schools, those in our network use a range of external products and services suppliers, who contribute to their high performance. We invited our current member schools to nominate any of their suppliers whom they were particularly keen to promote to other schools in the network. These suppliers have developed a range of exclusive offers only available to World Class Schools. See below for further information or download the full 2017 directory.

To enquire about gaining accreditation to join the network, and gaining access to these offers, please get in touch.

Suppliers (click on the company name to see their offer to world class schools)

Offers to the World Class Schools' Network

Company Name: Performance Learning (nominated by Wymondham College)

Company contact: Tej Samani

Company website:

Company Profile:

MyPerformanceLearning ensures interactivity between learners, parents and teachers; delivering all of Performance Learnings proven skills as well as Key Stage 2 and 3, Science and Maths.

Over the past seven years, Performance Learning's trained teachers using Performance Learning's technology and curricula have helped some of the UK's most under-performing pupils out-perform their peers and achieve results higher than the national average.

Performance Learning's digital platform and cutting-edge assessments accurately predict, monitor and evaluate student performance, with an emphasis on both academic attainment and emotional and social well-being. Their technology and curricula has been independently assessed by two universities and their weekly lessons (delivered by your teachers, following official training) provide measurable academic uplifts across science, maths, English and a wide range of non-core subjects along with dealing with core challenges pupils face today such as, sleep deprivation, retention and recollection of information, time management and addressing nerves, and anxiety (to name just a few).

World Class Offer:

  • A complimentary Performance Learning Online Assessment across any year group and multiple year groups
  • A complimentary de-briefs with the schools' Senior Leadership Team
  • Up to 10% off any agreed activities with the schools thereafter; ranging from any of our 23 INSET days to our full Performance Learning Technology and Curricula implementation within the school
  • A further 1/2 refresher training at no charge

Whenever a school deploys Performance Learning, they receive the following:

  • A licence to our Performance Learning Digital Platform for the agreed number of students
  • 1-4 days of training for their teachers in the Performance Learning Curriculum
  • Performance Learning (printed) pupil training manuals for the pupils to assist their weekly Performance Learning Lessons
  • Parent Meetings delivered by one of our team
  • 4-weekly review meetings with the teachers, our team and the Performance Learning Lead
  • Pre-agreed prize/s based on the most improved student/s

Support Post Training:

  • Introductory engagement lesson to be run by Performance Learning to brief the pupils
  • One f2f meeting per month with the trained Performance Learning Teachers
  • Fortnightly phone call with PL
  • Full year group assembly by Performance Learning
  • Weekly email access to Tej Samani directly (as and when needed)
  • Half day refresher training (an exclusive add on to World Class schools) any time the trained teachers feel they need it, treat this as a 'peace of mind' offer
  • Staff wide INSET day (they can choose from 1 of our 23 days - all different themes)

Company Name: Tassomai (nominated by Sandringham School)

Company contact: Murray Morrison, email:

Company website:

Company Profile:

Tassomai believe that there is a better way for students to prepare for exams; that any student can achieve a top grade given the right support, and that teachers want to spend more of their time helping their students and less time working out where their students need help.

Tassomai is an adaptive learning program which makes learning and revising for GCSE science as effective as possible. Our adaptive algorithm tailors itself to the user, targeting areas where they are weakest and reinforcing their understanding of the subject.

Using our Student Accuracy Matrix, teachers can immediately see where students are excelling or struggling, and can explore this data down to the finest level of topic detail. They can quickly identify which students need particular attention, targeting intervention and therapy where needed and maximise the time spent with students.

World Class Offer:

Tassomai would like to offer an additional 10% discount to all World Class School members. To qualify schools must sign up a minimum of 100 students per cohort. This offer may be used in conjunction with our 20% Early Bird discount and our 20% PiXL discount. (Discounts are applied incrementally.)

Company Name: GO 4 Schools (nominated by Claremont High School)

Company contact: Claire Saunders

Company website:

Company Profile:

GO 4 Schools supports whole-school improvement by helping your staff, students and parents make informed decisions. Collecting and sharing attendance, behaviour and assessment data in real-time is far more powerful than occasionally collecting summative data, unlocking huge benefits for schools. GO 4 Schools brings time and money savings and its available online 24/7.

World Class Offer:

For new customers from the World Class Schools network, Go 4 Schools is offering a 5% discount on listed prices. An additional 5% will be given to Claremont towards their next renewal order. This discount is valid for the 1st year of the subscription on all orders placed by 31/12/2017.

Company Name: EVOLVE (nominated by Alexandra Park School)

Company contact: Natasha Coward

Company website: h

Company Profile:

We are proud of our enviable reputation for providing first class services for schools, colleges, educational trusts and Local Authorities since eduFOCUS Ltd was incorporated in 2006.

We supply our online EVOLVE systems to more than 24,000 schools, colleges and youth centres across the UK… and Bangkok!

EVOLVE is the end-to-end solution for schools looking to improve the planning, management and approval of school trips and clubs. It reduces bureaucracy by using online tools for planning, approval, parental consent, communication with parents and students, bookings, and payments. The integrated Clubs system has been developed with the flexibility that staff need, in mind. The Student Finder enables staff to quickly locate students, whilst the Monitoring Tools ensure a longer term.

EVOLVEaccidentbook is an online management and notification tool for managing staff, student and visitor incidents, accidents, illnesses and behavioural issues.

All of our EVOLVE systems synchronise with all Management Information Systems.

World Class Offer:

We're a friendly bunch, so why not come and say Hi to find out about our exclusive offer to members of the World Class Schools' network? (01394) 775250.

Company Name: Litmus Partnership (nominated by Bishop Challoner Catholic Federation)

Company contact: John Brownless

Company website:

Company Profile:

The Litmus Partnership provides catering and facilities management advisory services to a diverse range of organisations in the health, education and corporate sectors both in the UK and internationally. In today's challenging economic climate, we realise that Academies and schools need to ensure that the money they spend on their catering and facilities management services gets the results that you want.

Our mission is to focus on helping business managers improve their operational performance, profitability and competitiveness by delivering practical solutions to meet their needs. We do this by working closely with you to develop and deliver improvement programmes, which sort your issues and challenges and deliver quantifiable bottom line results.

At The Litmus Partnership we use our expertise and experience to help you:

  • Do more for less, by driving productivity improvements and reducing wastes
  • Challenge the status quo and deliver better ways of working
  • Ensuring compliance
  • Improving supplier performance and costs

World Class Offer:

The Litmus Partnership are offering all schools in the network a free one-year subscription to

The Litmus Hub is an online tool to ensure that your service contracts provide you with value for money and meet your needs. The Hub includes:

  • A register of Litmus approved Services Providers who can offer you cost effective procurement solutions for your school
  • Consumer Insights help you get honest opinion on your catering service to make effective improvements in the areas that matter most
  • Our unique contract management tool to help you track and monitor your services contracts
  • Latest industry and Litmus news

One of the benefits of being a member of The Litmus Hub is that your school will receive two complimentary Consumer Insights for your catering provision.

Litmus is the only catering and facilities management consultancy to offer a detailed Consumer Insight. Using our unique gap analysis, we provide an accurate and robust measure of how satisfied your students and staff feel and a clear indication of where you need to focus your efforts to improve satisfaction. This consists of:

  • Research via means of an online questionnaire for up-to four weeks.
  • A series of closed statements which will determine a Gap Analysis and Satisfaction Index for you to review your results.
  • An online interactive dashboard style web report to analyse and drill into your results.
  • Detailed results to compare the results of your research against other World Class Schools.

Company Name: eSchools (nominated by The Morley Academy)

Company contact: Ben Chamberlain

Company website:

Company Profile:

eSchools is an all-in-one platform for schools combining a Virtual Learning Environment, mobile phone app, parent communication tools, online homework, school website and more into one easy-to-use solution. By bringing all of these systems under one roof, schools are saving both time and money with eSchools. For further information or to arrange a call to discuss your specific requirements please visit or call 0845 557 8070.

World Class Offer:

We're thrilled to have been nominated by The Morley Academy as their supplier of choice for the World Class Schools. By way of thanks we would like to provide a special offer for all World Class Schools of 25% discount on your first years annual licence.

Company Name: Elevate Education (nominated by Hayes School)

Company contact: Will French

Company website:

Company Profile:

Trusted advisor to 2000+ schools and 500,000 students across Australia, UK, South Africa, USA and Singapore.

Over the last 15 years Elevate's quest has been to unlock the secret to the final years of school: Why do the top students get the top marks? Having carried out an exhaustive process of benchmarking the study habits of thousands of past students, we have identified a number of areas where the practices of the top students differ from average or lower performing students. It is our belief and experience that any student can improve their marks by tapping into, replicating and using these study skills and techniques.

This simple, yet incredibly powerful approach has seen Elevate's award winning programmes adopted in over 2000 schools across Australia, the UK, South Africa, the USA and Singapore and shared with 500,000 students annually.

Elevate Education is a past winner of the Nescafé Big Break Awards in 2002, the NSW Telstra Business of the Year in 2014 and publisher of “Science of Student Success”, a study guide that has sold over 10,000 copies and takes readers into the minds of the top students.

Schools use Elevate Education in order to get the most out of their study skills program. In doing so, schools have thrown out the tired old approach to study skills: old presenters the students cannot relate to; long sessions that push attention spans; one-off sessions without follow-up, and moved to a new approach to study skills.

World Class Offer:

We would like to offer a 20% discount on all transition sessions (June-July) for the schools attending. Across the past few years we have noticed a huge trend in schools beginning their programmes in the transition period before the beginning of the year. These schools realise the importance of providing students with the necessary skills that will ensure they hit the ground running the following year and start ahead of the curve. It is essential that students come back the following year prepared for the challenges ahead rather than starting the year off slowly and forming bad habits that are hard to correct. Our sessions cover everything from independent learning, organisation and time management skills, along with ways that students can self motivate themselves and set compelling goals to work towards across the next year or key stage.

Company Name: 4Matrix (nominated by Clapton Girls' Academy and Wren Academy)

Company contact: Mike Bostock

Company website:

Company Profile:

4Matrix is the essential professional software system for the management of school performance data. It is a powerful, networked application that is designed to look and feel like other Microsoft programs, and is easy-to-use with the help of over two hours of built-in video tutorials.

4Matrix provides power tools for use at key stages 3, 4 and 5, to analyse, compare, forecast and report on the performance of subjects, the progress made by different groups of pupils, the consistency and impact of teaching, and key school performance indicators.

4Matrix will import and automatically process rich data directly from all major MIS in minutes, or it can be copied and pasted from spreadsheets. Any number of data series can be imported into 4Matrix, including exam results, Levels, estimated grades, or target grades.

World Class Offer:

4Matrix are offering all schools in the World Class network a 10% discount on the annual cost of the 4Matrix software range. This offer is valid until 8th May 2018.

Company Name: Mathswatch (nominated by Wren Academy)

Company contact: Ken Smith

Company website:

Company Profile:

MathsWatch provides students with videos which clearly explain every GCSE and KS3 Maths topic. Additionally, we enable teachers to set automatically marked exam-quality homeworks and tests. Our Interactive Questions section (automatically marked) also allows students to work independently and get instant feedback on their performance. We believe we are the only company that provides questions where even the working is marked. For our little marking bots, 'Show that triangle BCD is isosceles' is just a routine question with a 6-line answer – they love marking.

Don't take our word for it: 'Parents were very impressed at the parents' evenings and all the Maths department teachers are chuffed to bits with the resources,' wrote Kathryn Ross, 2nd in Dept. at Abbeywood Community School.

World Class Offer:

The price of a subscription (£450 for GCSE and KS3) works out at around a penny per student per week for an average sized school. Our offer to the network is that this subscription price will be frozen for the next three years.

Company Name: Chameleon Training & Consultancy (nominated by Wymondham College)

Company contact: Justin Smith justin, email:

Company website:

Company Profile:

Chameleon Training and Consultancy provides specialist Marketing, Income Generation and Bid Writing services to the education sector. Working in partnership with individual schools and academies, multi-academy trusts and further education colleges, Chameleon Training and Consultancy delivers expertise to give schools significant competitive advantage.

Following a career spent in private sector business development and marketing, Justin Smith moved into the education sector over 17 years ago and has worked in 3 large secondary schools in Suffolk and Norfolk. A vastly experienced bid writer, Justin has a strong track record in raising funds for schools via conventional trust funds, grants and sponsorships, raising over £3 million in additional income for schools.

A member of the Institute of Fundraising, Justin was also awarded the NASBM Marketing Award in 2015 and became a NASBM Fellow in 2017.

World Class Offer:

Our bespoke review of your school explores all the ways you can generate additional revenue; understanding your goals, developing your projects, exploring the potential of your school to raise funds and providing you with all the resources you need. Our World Class Offer is to provide this tailor made review and report to the school for just £400 (20% saving).

Company Name: LESS CO2 (nominated by Sir Jonathan North Community College)

Company contact: Alex Green

Company website:

Company Profile:

The LESS CO2 sustainable schools programme is a free energy efficiency programme available to any UK school, regardless if you are council run, an academy or independent.

Through a series of half day workshops spread through the year, peer mentoring, expert advice and resources, staff are empowered and equipped to make changes and improvements to their school to reduce their energy usage, save money on bills and lower their CO2 emissions.

World Class Offer:

LESS CO2 is committed to saving World Class schools money on their energy bills. Our support, training and advice is provided free of charge to schools. Speak to our representatives to find out how you can reduce pressure on your school budget.

Company Name: Albion Computers (nominated by Weydon School)

Company contact: Mark Herman

Company website:

Company Profile:

Albion is one of the top Apple Solution Experts in the country and has completed many successful iPad rollouts across the UK. Working closely with their schools they provide particular focus on financial sustainability via offering an Apple as a service model that includes:

  • iPads
  • Insurance approved protective cases
  • Remote Support
  • Deployment
  • Accidental damage and theft and hardware warranty -Worldwide
  • Skills audit and launch training …for a simple monthly cost

World Class Offer:

By aggregating all of the above into one comprehensive offer significant savings can be made against normal methods of procurement. We will provide a custom portal for all World Class schools to securely log in to access exclusive bid pricing on iPad.

Company Name: Heath Books (nominated by Bishop Challoner Catholic Federation)

Company contact: Richard Heath

Company website:

Company Profile:

Heath Educational Books, based in Sutton, are one of the UK's leading specialists in supplying books for schools. Our comprehensive service is a personal one not just based on website ordering. We offer impartial advice and pride ourselves on accurate fulfilment of orders and fast efficient supply. Heath's supply ANY book in print to ANY school from Nursery to Sixth Form and our customers can testify to our consistently excellent and very competitive discounts and high levels of customer service throughout the year.

Textbooks can be fitted with PVC jackets to extend their life and library books can be supplied shelf-ready with full processing including date labels, security triggers, Dewey coding, barcodes and ownership stamps.

World Class Offer:

A super discount voucher will be provided at the Marketplace event for your whole school ordering this summer – offering across the board savings for all your departments.

Company Name: Sisra (nominated by Rushcliffe School)

Company contact: Emily Kirkby

Company website:

Company Profile:

SISRA is the leading provider of web based data solutions, supporting over 1,600 schools in the UK and abroad. SISRA Analytics gives staff access to interactive reports enabling performance monitoring, planning appropriate intervention and generating school improvement.

  • Bespoke grading system for KS3/4
  • Save time with quick and easy uploads
  • Use with staff at all levels

SISRA Observe allows you to store and record lesson observations and self-evaluation data for every member of staff, all in one easily accessible and secure place.

  • Design and build custom templates
  • Store evidence centrally and securely
  • Analyse teaching and learning data in real-time

World Class Offer:

For all schools in the World Class network, we can offer a full days consultancy session for the price of a half-day (saving of £150). This offer is available to all existing and any new World Class schools that sign up to either of our services.

Company Name: Firefly Learning (nominated by Featherstone High School)

Company contact: Alex MacMillan

Company website:

Company Profile:

Firefly enables teachers, students and parents to learn more together. With our online tool schools can set homework, track progress, create rich resources and engage parents. The result is teachers have more time to focus on what matters most - teaching - and students can learn in ways that work best for them.

World Class Offer:

Firefly is offering all schools in the World Class network a free in school consultation; Firefly will also help schools out of current platforms/online tools'* contracts which they want to leave - we will do this by discounting up to 50% of the value of their first year's licence with Firefly (evidence of existing contract will be needed).

* similar platform to Firefly, i.e. Itslearning, Fronter, Frog, Realsmart, ShowMyHomework.

Company Name: CHQ Group (nominated by Holland Park School)

Company contact: Mark Hancox

Company website:

Company Profile:

CHQ was first conceived in 2007 as a sports management and membership platform. In 2009, the software was developed in partnership with teachers and schools to build the CHQ solution we offer today, specifically designed to manage all activities outside of the classroom in school, including interventions. An accredited Capita partner we now have schools in 25 countries. World Class Schools member Clapton Girls' Academy has a case study on our website - go to to see the benefits that they have achieved in managing their extra-curricular programmes and providing detailed evidence of it's success.

World Class Offer:

CHQ would propose offering the World Class schools the following in addition to advanced CHQ activities module the following at no extra cost:

  • Parents evening module
  • Skills & Attributes

This cost of this would normally be £595 per annum. This would also include the training.

Company Name: Aspens Services (nominated by St Albans Girls' School)

Company contact: Kate Herbert

Company website:

Company Profile:

Aspens Services is a fast growing, independent contract catering company, specialising in providing catering services to schools across England and Wales.

We are passionate about our food and we provide a great service to our customers, combining a range of traditional, seasonal, wholesome and innovative recipes that are nutritionally balanced, locally sourced and freshly cooked on site.

Established by three directors with a shared passion for great food and joined together with a united aim; to develop a catering company that valued good food, impeccable customer service and staff satisfaction above all else.

And whilst Aspens continues to expand and develop, the core founding principles and beliefs still sit firmly at the heart of the operation:

  • Food tastes great when it is freshly prepared using local ingredients.
  • Variety is the spice of life; one size does not fit all.
  • Our clients are at the heart of what we do, every day.

World Class Offer:

Aspens offer all World Class schools a free review of your catering service and £5,000 of Aspens funded investment to any school who decide to use us as their preferred catering provider.

Company Name: Strong Roots Training

Company contact: Jake Wild

Company website:

Company Profile:

You often read stories of entrepreneurs who came up with their million-pound idea over a couple beers with friends. That's not us. You even hear those feel-good stories about college roommates or best friends who started a company together. That's not us either.

We came together because we believed what we could do with Strong Roots Training would represent a shift in how people perceive training. Training is not just a day out of school sitting in a room bored, being talked at by a person in a polo shirt…(although we do wear polo shirts) It is about getting involved, feeling part of the day and giving as much as you can.

Here at Strong Roots Training we pride ourselves in fun, dynamic, inclusive and professional training. We are a UK based company offering courses from first aid to outdoor education. All of our trainers are well versed in their skills and come from a variety of backgrounds from teaching to outdoor management. We only work with Schools and as such understand your needs and strains as well as ever-shrinking budgets.

World Class Offer:

Basic First Aid (3 hours) - £350+vat (18% saving)

This 3+-hour course is appropriate for all staff, in particular those who may need to deputise in the absence of the main first aider, and is also suitable for staff who may lead or accompany educational visits. The course is similar to the Appointed Person/Basic Skills Refresher course that HSE 'strongly recommended' as an annual refresher for those who have completed a statutory First Aid at Work qualification.

Emergency First Aid at Work (1 day) - £400+vat (11% saving)

This 1-day course allows attendees to act as workplace first aiders in regulatory terms. It is appropriate where the risk assessment determines that a full First Aid at Work award may not be necessary. No previous first aid experience is required to attend this course. Offices and Schools are generally regarded as low risk environments in first aid terms, and this award is therefore appropriate in most instances.

Paediatric First Aid (2 days) - £700+vat (11% saving)

This course is for those who might have to identify and manage emergency situations or manage minor everyday occurrences when looking after children (defined as up to puberty). This qualification meets Ofsted requirements for those working in early years settings and uses the criteria for effective paediatric first aid training found in Appendix 1 of The Early Years Foundation Stags (EYFS) Practice Guidance document.

First Aid at Work (3 days) - £999+vat (28% saving)

This 3-day course provides the comprehensive training needed to become a confident first aider at work, giving you the practical experience and knowledge to deal with first aid emergencies.

We would also like to offer any schools in the World Class network with a discount of 10% on all our other training courses.

Company Name: Bromcom Computers Plc (nominated by Sandringham School)

Company contact: Anne Russell

Company website:

Company Profile:

Bromcom has more than 25 years' experience providing innovative, leading edge and award winning IT solutions to schools, academies and local authorities that demanded more from their information systems.

Bromcom's mission is to transform the use of the school management information system, moving it from the back office to the forefront of educational activities, and ensuring that all stakeholders have access to relevant information at a time and location that suits them. Whether using a smartphone, tablet, desktop or notebook computer, Bromcom's aim is to ensure all MIS users have secure, controlled and intuitive access from anywhere at any time using their web browser and internet connection.

Bromcom's vision is to help schools efficiently collect data and to close the gap between collecting data and using it effectively to inform those working with the pupils and increase engagement with all stakeholders. With tailored dashboards, data analysis, powerful reporting, integration with office productivity tools and access for third party integration, the Bromcom Cloud MIS is effective for pupil progress tracking, assisting with early intervention and improving pupil outcomes.

Embracing the latest technology for the benefit of schools, Bromcom has consistently demonstrated its ability to deliver cost effective pioneering solutions that changed the perception of what is possible with IT solutions. Bromcom provides continual innovation through its dedicated team of IT professionals who pride themselves in bringing technology and cutting-edge solutions to continually improve our educational service offering. The UK hosted Bromcom Cloud MIS solution utilises the latest web application development techniques for improved accessibility, usability and security.

World Class Offer:

Please telephone the sales team on 020 8290 7171 or email for details of our exclusive offer to members of the World Class Schools' network.

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