Educake (Nominated by Hitchin Girls' School)

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Educake is an award-winning online homework and revision platform for Maths, English, Science and Geography. It's really easy to use - homework can actually be set in seconds - and, of course, the tests are marked for you. You get immediate insights into strengths and weaknesses, and students get instant feedback. Knowledge and recall improves without increasing your workload as it's so quick to set low-stakes tests. Your students are supported outside of the classroom with personalised tests and integrated revision.

World Class offer

Exclusive 10% discount to all World Class schools.

In addition, schools can use Educake for free for as long as schools remain closed in the UK. This gives teachers full access to Educake for science, geography, maths or English. No payment information is required. Further information can be found here.

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Telephone: 01865 800 808


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