DPR by Axle Education (Nominated by Forest Gate Community School)

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Dynamic Progress Reporting (DPR), created by Axle Education

Recommended by: Forest Gate Community School

The Dynamic Progress Reporting (DPR) is a multi-award nominated online student progress application used at some of the most successful schools in the UK. It was pioneered in Forest Gate Community School (FGCS), which is Ofsted rated Outstanding and ranked the sixth best in the United Kingdom for GCSE results.

The DPR goes well beyond traditional software to connect pupils, families and teachers to tracking students' progress against key learning objectives. It is a powerful, strategic collaboration platform linking school learning and home learning like none other.

Whatever their academic starting point, students are given clear manageable learning journeys to make sure they do not fall behind the school curriculum.

Each student has their own portal, which they access online, and where families and teachers can monitor individual progress from anywhere.

The DPR is constantly updated, which means families can access up to date information about their child at any moment.

At the highly prestigious BETT awards, which recognises excellence in school ICT, the DPR was nominated in two categories: 'Innovators of the Year' and 'Leadership and Management Solutions'.

Key features of the DPR:

  1. It is an online learning platform
  2. It facilitates real time reporting
  3. It has an intuitive design
  4. It facilitates personalised feedback
  5. It has the ability to provide voice feedback
  6. It has an intervention portal
  7. It has a resource portal
  8. It has a homework portal
  9. It provides meaningful analytics for teachers, students and parents
  10. It is 'Google translate' enabled
  11. It integrates with the school MIS

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