Europa International School, Seville
Europa International School, Seville

We encourage an international outlook amongst our students and look forward to collaborating with other centres of excellence in the UK and around the world.

Europa International School, Seville

It has been a great privilege and honour for Europa International School (Colegio Internacional Europa) to have been invited to participate in the World Class Schools project and to have achieved the World Class Schools Qualification Mark. In this we must give much credit and "todas las gracias" to our friends and colleagues at Sandringham School, St. Albans. We got to know each other well over the years through our vibrant exchange programme, and it was they who proposed the idea to us and collaborated with us as the accrediting school. It was truly a joy to see our students working so closely on what is an authentic student led undertaking.

Indeed, we have a long-standing commitment to establishing exchange programmes with other schools around Europe, the USA and Canada. It is our belief that by providing our students with the opportunity to engage in meaningful interactions with other young people from different cultures and languages, we can inspire them to look upon a world full of opportunities in the global context. Such experiences, at the right ages, provide insights, improve motivation and develop self-confidence

Europa International school is a large (1,700 pupils) private school located among olive groves in the hills just outside Seville. We cater for children from preschool up to university entrance. Our school was founded in 1986 by a group of parents and teachers dedicated to providing the best education for their children. This vocation for excellence has been our driving force since then. One of our chief aims is to transmit an international outlook based securely on our shared European culture; historical, scientific, artistic, musical, athletic and philosophical. That being said, we have no political, religious or ideological viewpoint, rather we encourage our students to become critical thinkers in their own right. Perhaps this is best represented by our school motto "Essentiae Fidelitas Libertatis Fons", loosely translated as "the source of our liberty lies in being true to ourselves".

One of the the virtues we instill in our students is that of being hospitable, welcoming and accepting of others. There are many nationalities represented at our school and we have many visiting students throughout the school year. We treasure this aspect and our school provides a genuine fraternity in which everyone is made to feel at home and encouraged to participate.

This is precisely the manner in which we would like to enter the World Class Schools fellowship. Although we are relatively far from the UK based epicentre, we would love to participate fully within the group and with individual schools should they wish. It is our experience that as schools begin to engage in mutual projects great ideas are born. We are very aware that we are the first Spanish school to join the association and we, as such, wish to extend a hand of friendship and be open, available and inviting towards schools which might like to explore a mutual project between our students.

We have a website at or please feel free to write to for any information or enquiry.

Hasta luego y muchas gracias por la oportunidad para colaborar con ustedes.

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