Alumni Association

WCSQM's uniqueness is in our student centred approach. The Mark is awarded as an accreditation of the world class skills and competencies of the students in the school, against the rigorous WCSQM framework.

Having demonstrated their World Class skills during the accreditation process, students are automatically eligible to join our Alumni Association. The Association is led by a committee of World Class students, chaired by Elif Karanis, student at Chelsea Academy, and winner of the Outstanding Achievement Award in 2017.

Titus Takyi-Adarkwa, Elif Karanis and Tanya Dhliyawo, WCSQM Alumni Association executive committee members

Titus Takyi-Adarkwa, Elif Karanis and Tanya Dhliyawo, WCSQM Alumni Association executive committee members

The Alumni Association provides a support network for World Class students, enabling them to develop and strengthen the peer relationships formed during the collaborative accreditation process and assessment centre event. It also offers a number of benefits to support students as they progress through school and transition to further or higher education and on to employment, including:

  • An open invitation to WCSQM events offering World Class networking opportunities and prestigious keynote talks
  • The opportunity to be directly involved in running WCSQM's student-led annual Symposium and Awards Ceremony
  • Bespoke WCSQM references on request acknowledging the individual student's contribution to WCSQM and World Class skills and competencies
  • Access to a network of World Class alumni students across the country
  • The opportunity to take part in events and tours in some of the most prestigious educational establishments in the UK, with admissions advice and guidance provided.

Alumni Association Member Stories

I have just finished A Levels in French, Spanish and English Literature and received an unconditional offer from the University of Birmingham, where I will be going in September to study Modern Languages.

Olivia Brown, Ivybridge Community College

Olivia was instrumental in event managing the 2016/17 awards ceremonies.

Olivia supporting the WCSQM Award Ceremony in 2017, Cambridge University

I am currently studying my A levels (maths physics and economics) but have recently started to follow my dream of flying and have begun my flight training to become a commercial heli pilot. Thank you for all of the opportunities you have provided for me.

Peter Bull, Ivybridge Community College

Peter helped coordinate the 2017 WCSQM Awards Ceremony:

Peter in helicopter

I recently organised and completed a 32 Mile walk across Dartmoor to raise money and awareness for a new local charity called Luna's fund.Next year I will be entering year 13 and my last year at Ivybridge community college, in the autumn I will be applying to study Chemical engineering, my aspirations lie with Oxford but also Surrey, Southampton and Bath. I will be drawing on my experiences with World Class Schools to demonstrate the transferable skills I have learnt such as communication and responsibility. It is a privilege to be part of the World Class Alumni, and I would love the opportunity to continue working with you as I leave Ivybridge and embark on university.

Ben Conroy, Ivybridge, Alumni 2017.

Ben Conroy

I'm 14 years old, and was lucky enough to be nominated by my school, Forest Gate Community School in Newham, when we applied for accreditation last year, when I was in Year 9. I was delighted to accept the award last December and really enjoyed the whole process. My parents are very proud of the hard work I put in to being the best I can at everything I try to do, which has helped me with my role on the Student Council, and helped me to achieve the 'Best in the School' certificate for the UK Bebras Challenge in 2017, the Jack Petchey Award in 2017 and the Silver in the UKMT Maths Challenge in Year 8 and Bronze in Year 7. I'm also proud to have been in the winning team taking home the Primary Debate Mate Cup in 2016, which was featured in the local paper. I'm always looking for ways to excel, and being involved in World Class has really helped me to do that. I'm very proud to be part of the Alumni Association.

Hamza Akbar, 14, Forest Gate Community Challenge, Alumni 2017

Hamza Akbar

If you have worked with WCSQM as part of your school's accreditation, or at a WCSQM event and you would like to join the Alumni Association, please get in touch. Although all World Class students are eligible to join, we need your consent to add you to our network.

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