Elizabeth Garrett Anderson School

EGA is a vibrant learning community of 900 girls aged 11- 16. Our students come from a very wide circle of local primary schools as well as a wide range of ethnic and cultural backgrounds. The atmosphere at EGA is friendly, welcoming and purposeful. We expect our students to engage fully with their learning and to take advantage of the wide range of enrichment activities offered.

EGA upholds the teaching and learning of traditional academic subjects and is extremely successful in this both in the local and national context. However, we also embrace new ideas and technologies in order to support our students as they take their place as adults in the modern world.

Many of our students go on to study at Russell Group universities and other higher education institutions and are working in law, medicine, the media and a whole host of different disciplines. We are extremely proud of their achievements, and we intend to continue to educate and nurture our students so that they can be happy, healthy - and achieve to the very utmost of their potential.